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Principal's Message

DGE Families,


Welcome to Donald Graham Elementary School!  We are proud of our school, our staff, and our programs.  We look forward to working with you and your child as we pursue our shared goal, where our Dolphins “Catch the Wave of Learning!”

We appreciate how our families and community partner with us. We strive to deliver instruction at high levels of rigor for every student. We believe that the research is true - when schools and parents partner in students’ learning, students are successful. We ask for your support in the following ways:

Reading to or with your child every day.  Long after children learn to read for themselves, they love this special time with family members.  Kids who are read to are the kids who want to read on their own.

Joining our parent-teacher organization (PTA).  When parents and teachers work together schools improve.

Volunteering your time.  The more help parents give, the more time teachers can spend with students.  Work full-time?  There are still ways to help.  Ask your child’s teacher what you can do.

Let your children know school is important.  Ask about their homework.  Attend school events.  Talk about how you use what you learned in school in your job.

Recognizing your child’s special gifts.  Each child has special talents.  Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to help your child see how he or she is special.  That boosts confidence and sets the stage for learning.

School-home communication is highly encouraged.  If you have a question, call the school. If you wish to discuss a matter with the teacher or principal, we will arrange a time with you. Your child and your child’s progress is very important to us. 

Please keep  to refer to throughout the year.  Please feel free to contact me by parent square, call or email me to discuss any concerns you might have throughout the school year. I look forward to working with you as a team to help each student at Donald Graham meet their goals and have a successful school year!  


Go Dolphins!

Leanne Edwards