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This is an excellent video by Graham Flectcher illustrating the progression of multiplcation. Multiplicaiton fluency is best taught using strategies vs. tricks. This will build a much stronger foundation in multiplication while students learn to decompose numbers effectively. Speed is a result of understanding and should not be the emphasis. Focusing on speed causes errors and a false narrative that math should be done fast. 

No Homework?

Here's a quick video from a news clip illustrating other districts moving into a no homework zone. Additional research indicates that homework does not affect student perfomance in elementary school and that a reduction in middle school would also be beneficial. In essence, students that were doing homework had the same scores as students that did not. The added freedom kept students motivated for school vs. burning out. Students have more opportunities to participate in after school activities and families can spend more time together in a positive atmosphere vs. laboring over work that can just as well be completed at school.